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The ASCENT GROUP believes that its aspiration to create enduring value for the nation provides the motivating force to sustain growing shareholder value.


The ASCENT GROUP believes that its aspiration to create enduring value for the nation provides the motivating force to sustain growing shareholder value.

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The ASCENT GROUP continues its journey with a view to



its competitive capability



consumer insights



breakthrough innovations in products and processes



the field of vision of distributed leadership



a nimbleness to proactively manage change and adapt, to continuously leverage market opportunities



its multiple core competencies to create new epicenters of growth



its ability to rapidly absorb knowledge and harness technology

A robust platform has been shaped for embarking on the next phase of expansion that will entail deeper forays into the sectors of knowledge, retail, spaces, services and infotech

Our Vision



Ascent’s vision is to be an invaluable partner to our customers, associates and suppliers, to be a world-class solutions-provider, and to be a leader in the industries we serve.


Our Mission



Ascent’s mission is to strive passionately to have a profoundly positive impact on the lives of our students, customers, associates and employees. It shall achieve this by :


Providing the highest quality in the services and goods it provides

Being welcoming, friendly and approachable

Working closely with employees across the Group, sustaining a strong team

Being transparent and honest in its dealings

Our Values



in its internal operations and in the goods and services it provides: the Scholastica School, in 30 years of operation, has set the benchmark for high quality education in Bangladesh.

Students of Scholastica are placed in jobs and academic institutions across the world, working with the very best globally. The other members of the Group continue to strive to provide the very best that Bangladesh has to offer.




to colleagues and customers alike, with an attitude that is friendly, welcoming and professional: be it STS or Etcetera, all brands under the Ascent umbrella take great care to maintain a human relationship that in turn results in greater productivity and happier customers.

Team Spirit


by building close relationships with customers and partners based on mutual understanding and cooperation: OHS, SPEED and all brands in the Ascent Group thrive on sharing knowledge and working as a team. Across the Ascent Group, challenges are met cohesively and people work as much for themselves as they do for their company. As a result, employees maintain high spirits and are well motivated.




employing a progressive outlook that embraces change and innovates constantly. All the companies in the Ascent Group remain responsive to the times and the needs of consumers, always ready, always greatly flexible on issues of scale and consumer preference.



ensuring transparency and honesty in all transactions. The Ascent Group is sensitive to the needs of the country and the community in which it works. The Ascent way of living entails a sense of social responsibility and giving back to the community.



The Chairperson of the Group, Mrs. Yasmeen Murshed, has long been considered a leading social entrepreneur of the country.


Therefore, the Group’s commitment to the community and its efforts at developing civil society are deep.



Throughout the years, various community development programs, fundraising drives for charities, and social work with underprivileged communities have been carried out.


It practices this philosophy by not only driving each of its businesses towards competitiveness, but by also consciously enhancing the competitiveness of the larger value-chains of which it is a part.




The Group believes in involving all stakeholders when carrying out these programs. It is committed to building awareness of the challenges we face as a nation and in setting an example for the success that can be achieved through hard work and good governance by a Bangladeshi firm.


The Group recently established the Ascent Education Development Trust to further its CSR programs. The concept of an educational Trust was initially proposed by a group of prominent individuals of Bangladesh, led by Scholastica, who felt the need to help meritorious and economically disadvantaged students through the creation of improved access to quality education.


Based on this concept, Mrs. Yasmeen Murshed, invited them to join her in setting up a charitable Trust. Newly formed, this Trust is just beginning its operations.

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