Imagine Technologies


People, technology, tools and training all come together in the Group's venture in information technology. Imagine Technologies Bangladesh Ltd. provides business and technology services in IT software, consulting, IT corporate solutions and Business Process Mapping. Clients are able to leverage technology for stronger return on investment, increases in operational efficiency and improvements in customer service, resulting in sustainable competitive advantages.

ITL is committed to delivering innovative services with cutting edge technology; it has transformed the infrastructure of the Group's operations. This expertise has now been leveraged to provide inventive solutions for customers.

From its inception, Imagine has been working on a three-year project to develop a web-based enterprise resource management system which is seamlessly integrated between different components of a company's operations. The software, which is accessible from any secure channel to support multiple locations, currently has components developed and deployed for human resource management, inventory management, point-of-sale, school management and project management. The use of this software has resulted in improved communication and reporting metrics in the Group, a reduction in processing time and real-time accessing of information, a reduction in document duplication, and improved project management, leading to increased operational efficiency everywhere.